Córdoba Travel Guide

Ways of getting to Córdoba by public transport

Few are the places that can boast with such architectural and cultural splendor as Córdoba, which was the capital of a former Roman province, as well as the capital of Al-Andalus, an Arab State. Hence, this unique city is a major attraction, having a personality of its own, being an authentic mixture of distinct cultural features.

If you’re planning to travel to this stunning destination yourself, you’ll be in awe – guaranteed. However, since this Spanish city doesn’t have an international airport, how do you arrive there? Keep on reading to get acquainted with the primary means of transportation to and from Córdoba.

Arriving and departing

Eager travelers can reach Córdoba through several ways of transportation, which include trains, buses, and cars. Whereas there is a small airport in the city, the only traffic that takes place is that of local aviation enthusiasts. The only planes that are permitted to land there are the ones from around the EC – European Commission – since it isn’t equipped with custom or passport clearances.

How to get from Málaga to Córdoba?

If your objective is to visit the stunning Andalusian region of Spain, your best option is to land in Málaga. The international airport in Málaga is one of Spain’s largest airports and has regular flights from foreign countries.

From Málaga to Córdoba there’s a two hours’ drive by car. In the proximity of the airport, there are numerous car rental agencies which provide services. Look for more information here if you wish to rent a car to reach Córdoba. Concurrently, if you want to opt for public means of transportation, you can travel by bus, or by train. Access the links to browse for different routes.

How to get from Madrid to Córdoba?

Since Spain has a modern high-speed rail network, you can take the train from Madrid to Córdoba, which costs about 70 euros. The ride lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. It goes without saying that it’s the quickest way to arrive in the city. Here you can choose to book train tickets in Spain. Certainly, there’s always the option of car rental, and bus transportation. A journey with the bus from Madrid to Córdoba lasts five hours, and the ticket costs approximatively 15 euros.

How to get from Sevilla to Córdoba?

Probably, Córdoba and Sevilla are the best connected Spanish cities. The train service runs hourly from Sevilla to Córdoba, and the ride lasts for 45 minutes. Yo can use this interactive rail map, in order to plan your trip. Here you can browse for train tickets, and here you can book your bus ticket, as a bus trip is cheaper than the train journey.

How to get from Granada to Córdoba?

If you take the high-speed train, you can arrive from Granda to Córdoba in only one hour; you can browse for tickets suitable for your traveling dates here. The bus is a cheaper alternative, but the journey is evidently longer, lasting up to three hours, depending on the traffic.