Cordoba is an underrated spectacular city based in Southern Spain. It’s a hidden gem of this marvelous country, which you should take the time to discover if you have the chance. If not, create the opportunity yourself! Often overshadowed by other, more popular Andalusian treasures, Cordoba is a medieval city, which has its own personality. Keep on reading to uncover the reasons you should visit Cordoba.

Why visit Cordoba?

To begin with, Cordoba is a place worth seeing, since it was one of the most flourishing and important medieval cities in Europe, competing with Constantinople, at that time. The stunning palaces were built in the authentic and stunning Moorish architecture, and the cultural heritage is crowned by the unique and spectacular Mezquita – which remains one of the most spectacular worshipping places of Moorish origin.

Street next to the Mosque of cordoba

Unfortunately, Cordoba is a less favorite traveling destination than its Andalusian neighbors – Seville and Granada. Notwithstanding, this is a factor that further enhances its charm. This means that you get the chance to explore the place, minus the ever-growing crowds. Additionally, this city hasn’t lost its authentic personality because of the masses of tourists. You can relax here, while still enjoying an amazing vacation in an unequaled region.

Additionally, you should visit Cordoba since you can explore it by foot. There’s no need to worry about means of transportation. You can simply wander along the town square, and unfold this undiscovered medieval gem. The primary attractions are accessible by foot and are located near one another.

Cordoba square

It’s a simple, yet remarkable pleasure to get lost in the embellished squares of the old town and immerse in the particular atmosphere of the place. You’ll experience the millennia of history with every step you take. Here, the ancient traditions of medieval Spain are interwoven with the current tendencies of modernity, and the combination is, indeed, authentic and attractive.

Cordoba has so much to offer

Cordoba is a city full of color and has a distinctive personality. Its cultural heritage is astounding – since, throughout the centuries, three distinct religions have left their mark on the place – Moorish, Christian, and Jewish. We could say that Cordoba is the embodiment of traditional Spain at its finest, having a far-reaching old quarter, which is featured by cobblestone streets, and whitewashed houses. These create the perfect, postcard Spanish landscape. Most of the houses are located around interior patios, which are beautifully embellished with flowers of all colors.

A courtyard (patio) in Cordoba

We could affirm that one building, namely the multi-arched Mezquita is one of the main reasons that should convince each traveler to place Cordoba on his/her itinerary list. It’s an imposing, mesmerizing symbol of the majestic Islamic world, which developed there one millennium ago, when this medieval city was the capital of Islamic Spain, being the loveliest and most appreciated city in western Europe.

Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba

The city bursts in life, and it has numerous restaurants and places filled with character where you can eat and taste some of the most delicious traditional dishes. What more could you ask for? Cordoba is Southern Spain’s treasure.