Cordoba is a magnificent Andalusian city, which has been the heart of a mighty Empire – the Roman Empire, and the capital of Islamic Spain. The cultural heritage presents layers of Catholic, Jewish and Moorish cultural features, constructing an authentic city, from all points of views.

Cordoba is the ideal destination for a two-day trip while being excellent for a more extended stay as well, depending on your traveling pace. The bottom-line is that the city is worth your attention, as it is vibrant, lively, and colorful. But, when is the ideal time to visit this unique southern city?

Cordoba in May is a feast for the eyes

Even though you can certainly uncover Cordoba’s charm any other time of the year, May is certainly the perfect timing to fall in love with the city. It’s the perfect transition month between the chilly, rainy winter when traveling isn’t genuinely enjoyable, and the scorching summer months, when you feel drained of energy because of the heat. But why May?

For starters, May is the month when the city is literally in bloom, filled with flowers of all colors. In short, the city bursts into life and motion. Under the blue sky, everyone is spending time outside, enjoying the sweet fragrances. Concurrently, what further makes Cordoba during spring charming is the myriad of festivals that take place on a weekly basis. Therefore, if you’re eager to experiment the cultural background of the region, and participate in a variety of unique events, plan your stay in May.

Cata del Vino-Montilla-Moriles

This is a wine-tasting festival of great importance since Cordoba is known for producing a wide variety of exquisite white wines. As the climate in the region is hot and dry, the grapes have a distinctive flavor. Thus, you should certainly include this festival on your itinerary list for next spring if you’re an avid wine enthusiast.

Vinos Montilla-Moriles

Los Patios

One of the most beloved festivals, Los Patios, takes place when the flowers are in bloom, and the city is reinvigorated with color. The architectural style of the squares is exquisite; the neat, whitewashed houses, embellished with flowers of all assortments are a feast for the eyes.

Patios of Cordoba

Undoubtedly, a major attraction point is represented by the interior patios, which are beautifully decorated. As these patios are private, tourists cannot visit them during the year. However, during this event, locals compete in a contest that awards the most stunning courtyard in Cordoba. You can glare endlessly at the unique decorations of these patios only during this official event. It’s surely an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

La Feria

And finally, the favorite festival that takes place in May in Cordoba is La Feria, when girls and boys dress up in their ancestors’ traditional costumes and begin an authentic celebration in the Spanish style.

Feria Cordoba

Most importantly, the casetas (booths) are made public, which is great, as opposed to Seville, where the casetas are private. The beautiful Mezquita has its entrance magnificently embellished with lights, which further increase its unparalleled grandeur.