Looking at a postcard of Cordoba will determine you to put it on your traveling list. Most of these postcards illustrate the magnificent multi-arched Mezquita, which has remained one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic culture and sophisticated architecture. The city is idyllic, having a unique charm, which will win you over from your first visit. If you wish to relish an amazing experience when in Cordoba, your accommodation is also importnt. That is why, in this post, we will present to you our recommendations for charming boutique hotels in Cordoba.

1. Soho Boutique Capuchinos

It is officially rated as one of the best boutique hotels in Cordoba. So, staying here will be the cherry on top of your traveling experience.


The four-star hotel is situated in the core of the city, at only 900 meters distance from the Mosque, and 400 meters distance from Plaza de las Tendillas. The rooms are comfortable and furnished to meet your needs; they even have a coffee machine. Excellent news for coffee aficionados, right? Nonetheless, getting there by car may be tricky, which is why you ought to call the hotel and ask for directions.

2. Balcón de Córdoba

If you wish your accommodation to be in the proximity of one of the most renowned sites, staying at Balcón de Córdoba is highly recommended, since it is just 20 meters away from the Mosque.


The vibe of the place is quiet and pleasant, while the staff is friendly and eager to help. If you want, you can choose your room with a terrace. Nonetheless, the terrace doesn’t present a limited smoking area, which may be quite unpleasant for tourists who are non-smokers. Apart from that, the atmosphere at Balcón de Córdoba is the definition of a fairytale.

3. La llave de la Judería

Three-star La llave de la Judería is located in the heart of the old town of Cordoba, in the proximity of the Jewish Quarter.


The restaurant of the hotel is well-known for offering delicious meals that are particular to the area. In the meantime, the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, and each has a private bathroom. Guests appreciated the beautiful, delightful designs of the rooms, which illustrate the cultural legacy of the city.

4. Hotel Boutique Caireles

Situated in front of the beautiful Mosque, this two-star hotel boutique is an affordable and comfortable option for accommodation. The rooms are neat, organized, and airy, and one can enjoy a fantastic view over the city.


You can reach the boutique by foot, from the train station, in less than 20 minutes. According to independent reviews, this is an accommodation that provides good value for the money paid.

5. Hospes Palacio del Bailio

If you want to choose an accommodation that will make you feel like a prince or princess, this is your best pick. This five-star hotel occupies a palace that dates back from the 16th century, which is located near the most important sights. Concurrently, there’s a beautiful outdoor pool as well as a flower garden, representing the perfect place to relax in a serene setting.


The interior is featured by typical architectural characteristics, and the rooms are fitted to meet every need. Some even have original wall paintings. If you wish to pamper yourself, this is your ideal alternative.