Located in a strategic spot and surrounded by natural marvels, Cordoba remains one of the best-preserved European cities, illustrating Spain’s Moorish heritage. It is a city where time appears to have stayed still, and it incorporates a unique cultural blend, which may be easily observed during your stay.

If you wish to submerge in the atmosphere of the place and expand your comprehension and understanding of the culture and history of Cordoba, there’s no better way of doing that than opting for a Cordoba free tour. Therefore, today, we will suggest you two walking tours that are free of charge! This is a gift provided by a couple of traveling organizations in Cordoba, so you should take advantage of them.

Cordoba free tour option 1

Do you wish to uncover and appreciate some of the most emblematic structures in Cordoba? This Cordoba free tour includes visiting the most significant buildings in the city center, together with the Roman temple and bridge.


Plaza de las Tendillas is the meeting point of the walking tour, which lasts 2.5 hours – just enough to immerse in the vibe of the city. Right in the center of the square, one can see the Gran Capitan statue, which is situated in a central segment of the city. Plaza Corredra is next, followed by Plaza del Potro, and the most famous site in Cordoba, the Mezquita.

The Mosque or Mezquita de Cordoba is the beating heart of the city, which is unparalleled in magnificence and beauty. It has been an Islamic and Christian worshipping spot, being acknowledged as one of the largest temples in the entire world. Other points worth mentioning are Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos and Puerta de Almodovar.

These tours are available from Monday to Sunday, starting from 10.30 am. It is best to book your tour before arriving in the city, and have it printed or saved on your phone. Also, note that the tour doesn’t include visiting the monuments indoors.

Cordoba Free Tour option 2

This is a Cordoba free tour that introduces tourists to the primary points of focus in the city. Appreciate the monuments that speak of the far-reaching history of the place. The experienced guides know every place worth visiting in the city, and they will guide you accordingly, for a memorable experience. You can choose whichever route suits your taste best; you can see them here.


The tours are available in three distinct languages, namely English, French and Spanish. The meeting point is established at 10 am, at Puerta Bridge. The next sight is Alcazar Reyes Cristianos, followed by Puerta de la Luna, Juderia, and, of course, the one and only Mezquita. The best is saved for last. While the tour is free, you can choose to contribute any amount you want, in the case in which you’ll be pleased by the preparation of the guides. Of course, it is highly recommended to book your tour in advance, and you can do that easily on their website.