Cordoba would be one of the most important European cultural centers, a spot that gave the world many scientists, artists, and philosophers. The Moorish and Spanish heritages are beautifully interwoven in creating a unique combination that increases the charm and uniqueness of this destination. Cordoba is unquestionably much more than a touristic destination; it’s the place where you can immerse in the life of the locals, and get to have amazing experiences.

An element that constructs a lot of Cordoba’s charm is its strong tradition of flamenco. Although it is thought that flamenco originates from Seville, the Cordoba flamenco scene is actually recognized as one of the most thriving in the country. Hence, in this article, we will like to suggest five Cordoba flamenco shows you should undoubtedly include on your itinerary.

1. Tablao Flamenco Cardenal

Does spending a night of fast-paced music combined with fiery flamenco seems like your cup of tea? If so, we recommend you to participate in one of the Cordoba flamenco shows organized at the Tablao Flamenco Cardenal. The spot is located at a short walk from the Mosque, right in the Jewish quarter. When the weather is beautiful, the performances take place outdoors. Nonetheless, if you’re visiting during winter hours, just enter the bar’s historic auditorium.


The show presents the stunning performance of some of the most excellent dancers, encompassing the styles that are typical of Cordoba flamenco, namely fandangos, bulerías and alegrías, soleá and others. Take the time to enjoy a delicious drink while soaking in the complicated choreography. The dancers’ quick-step footwork, together with the lively, colorful music played live are two elements that will make you blend in.

2. Meson La Buleria

Meson La Buleria provides exciting flamenco shows that last about an hour. The artists can be nationally acknowledged, or regionally or locally known. The shows take place in a tavern, which is typical of the region, located right in the center of the city. You can also enjoy a traditional dish since the shows are accompanied by drinks and dinner.


3. Arte y Sabores de Cordoba

An authentic Cordoba flamenco show can also be appreciated at Arte y Sabores de Cordoba. The location of the show is rather unusual, namely in a historic Arab bath. It gets even more interesting since the sauna room serves as the area where the flamenco performances take place. Are you intrigued just yet? If so, find out that the shows are held on a regular basis from Monday to Saturday, and last about one hour and fifteen minutes.


The group of performers encompasses of several dancers, singers, and guitarists, who originate from the beautiful city. You can relish the unique show while enjoying a free drink, or with a delicious dish ahead of you.

4. Corral del Gallo

If you want to live and feel the real Cordoba flamenco, Corral del Gallo offers a genuine spectacle you are bound to enjoy. The lively scene occupied by talented artists will make you convey this unique dancing style from a distinct mindset.