Cordoba is the city that enables you to immerse in its history and unique culture. More than a millennium ago, this beautiful city would be the proud capital of Islamic Spain and the most sophisticated and extensive European city. These aspects can be visibly observed by merely exploring the beautiful city.

However, a traveling experience isn’t complete unless you pamper yourself with some of the delicious typical dishes of a place. Still, making a choice in a hot tourist spot such as Cordoba may be a challenge, which is why we recommend you visiting the following popular restaurants. This way, you can enjoy the typical Tapas in Cordoba and experience another taste of the city.

1. Garum 2.1

Garum 2.1 is one of the best choices for Tapas in Cordoba if you’re eager to try this traditional meal. The food is flavorsome and of high-quality, not to mention that you have plenty of alternatives to choose from, depending on your preferences.


Located at a small distance from the main tourist area in the old town, going to this restaurant is definitely worth the 5-minute walk. Plus, the staff speaks English.

2. Bodegas Mezquita Corregidor

If you wish to taste some of the best dishes of the region, prepared in an exquisite manner, this restaurant is your go-to. This is the place where you can enjoy one of the most delicious Tapas in Cordoba, and not only.


The service is also friendly and attentive, and the waiters are willing to explain the menu’s recommendations, so you can have a clue about the meal before actually ordering.

3. La Tinaja

This is a restaurant that offers excellent food and a romantic, delightful atmosphere. What more could you ask from an eatery? In the meantime, the waiters are more than willing to make your evening pleasant by being helpful and polite.


As expected, the menu encompasses some of the most delicious dishes that originate from the area, and the portions are really generous, which is why you should be careful and avoid ordering too much, as tempting as it may be! And, of course, the tapas and wine are exquisite.

4. Casa Pepe de la Juderia

Situated stairs away from the beautiful Mezquita, in the Old Jewish Quarter, this restaurant focuses particularly on delivering well-cooked Spanish dishes. This is one of the restaurants mostly frequented by locals, and it provides tasty Tapas in Cordoba. Another highlight is the set of tables on the rooftop, which makes dining there utterly magical. In the meantime, the wine lives up to the expectations of each wine aficionado.


Well-seasoned, fresh, and tasteful – these are the three features that characterize the meals offered by Casa Pepe de la Juderia. Nonetheless, during peak hours, the service may be a bit slow.

5. Bar Santos

A small, yet popular spot, filled with a young clientele. The service is excellent, as the waiters are friendly and eager to attend you. You can enjoy the famous tortilla pincho here, at a decent price. Also, you’ll be dining in a great atmosphere.